ADIDAS Gazelle Boost Blue White 003

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Running Shoes - Blue

The logo on the side is also present, colored in white, with three white stripes. ADIDAS GAZELLE BOOST BLUE has a simple rounded contour but colored differently halfway on the outsole from the front to the back that creates a sexy illusion to the shoes. The upper body also has that darker line crossing from the Tongue part down to the Midsole to help with the exciting-shape illusion. If you haven’t bought a shoe for a while, then this is the shoes you have been missing. Get your ADIDAS GAZELLE BOOST BLUE, and start romping the streets with your new kicks!A.     These sexy kicks are for those who love being indoors, but doesn’t mind being outdoors. These blue shoes looks hard, soft and sexy at the same time. ADIDAS GAZELLE BOOST BLUE is for those men experienced in simplicity. It has a sturdy back Outsole built giving support for the heels. ADIDAS GAZELLE BOOST BLUE has a slightly protruding Achilles Notch showing style while providing easy fitting for the heels. The eyelets are blue and the shoelaces are colored sky blue. The overall color has a pastel shade, well blended and not sharp to the eye. ADIDAS GAZELLE BOOST BLUE has a soft surface perforated with holes to enable the shoes to breathe, allowing access to the feet with air. The simple design of the opening and the thin lining allows easier entry of the foot, and space for movement. The tongue also has air vent and has a logo.